エリスはオランダでトップを競う演劇学校、マーストリヒト演劇アカデミー (www.toneelacademie.nl/EN)卒業。4年間の学校を飛び級し、3年で卒業を遂げている。その後、オランダ、ベルギー、イギリス(ロンドン・グラスゴー)でテレビ、映画、舞台で長年幅広く活躍する。彼女が主演などとして関わったいくつかのテレビ作品、‘Escape from Sobibor’, ‘Inspector Morse’(モース警部), ‘A guilty thing surprised’, ‘All is Love’, ‘Adriaen Brouwer’, and ‘A Snow’。舞台作品, ‘Lady Windermere’s Fan’(脚本オスカーワイルド), ‘A Tale of Two Cities’二都物語(Glasgow Citizens Theatre), ‘Pains of Youth’ ‘The Auction’, ‘Play Strindberg’。

エリスは声優、女優、ケンジントン・チェルシー大学でアクティングコーチとして16年イギリス・ロンドンで働き、その後Tusk International Theatre Company と言う会社を立ち上げ、演出、脚本、台本の翻訳を手がけた。

 彼女は国際演劇の修士号を大学院でトップの成績で獲得。その修士論文と学校での経歴が認められオーストラリアのG.J ボーニープライズ2014(G. J. Borny prize 2014) を受賞した。オランダBBCのヤング・スピーカー・アワードの審査員に抜擢され、アムステルダムでキャスティングディレクターとして活躍、会社・大学などでも長年ワークショップを提供する。演劇専門の教師として国際バカラレラの様々な学校でも働き、今ではISTAのワークショップアーティストとしても活動をしている。

Tusk International Theater Company(タスク国際シアターカンパニー)を日本に持ってき、Seishun(青春)を脚本し(柴田淳朗翻訳)2014年に名古屋の愛知芸術劇場で公演をする。



Ellis is a Graduate from Maastricht Theatre School, one of the most prolific drama academies in the Netherlands. As one of only few actors she was allowed to finish her education in three years, rather than the usual four years. After graduation Ellis worked extensively for television, film and theatre in Great Britain (London and Glasgow), the Netherlands and Belgium. 'Escape from Sobibor', 'Inspector Morse', 'A guilty thing surprised', 'All is Love', 'Adriaen Brouwer', and 'A Snow' are a few of the TV and Film productions she appeared in, while for theatre this includes productions like 'Lady Windermere's Fan', 'A Tale of Two Cities' (Glasgow Citizens Theatre), ' Pains of Youth' (award winning production for The Gate Theatre, London),  'The Auction ', ' Play Strindberg ', and' Summit Conference'.

Van Maarseveen lived and worked in London for sixteen years, where she also did voice-overs (narration) and became an acting coach for Kensington & Chelsea College. In the Netherlands, she set up tusk international theatre company (tusktheatre.net), for which she acted, directed and translated plays. She has also given employee- and student workshops at many companies, schools and universities.

Ellis holds a Masters applied Theatre Studies degree (High Distinction), for which she was awarded the Australian G. J. Borny prize 2014. She was a jury-member for the BBC Young Speaker Award in the Netherlands, a free lance casting director in Amsterdam, she taught for the International Baccalaureate programme (IBDP Theatre Studies) and is an ISTA workshop artist. Ellis has attended courses with Complicite  (UK), Keith Johnstone (CA), Ivana Chubbuck (US), Enfants Terribles (NL), Dylan Newcomb (NL), Kyogen (TTT Kyoto), and with Hideki Noda (Tokyo).

When she brought over tusk international theatre co. to Japan, she wrote ‘Sei shun’ (translated by Junro Shibata), which was performed in Nagoya in 2014. Please also click the 'Kaikin' Performance link, as this is Ellis' second play aimed specifically at Japanese audiences.

Ellis works as an artist for ISTA (International Schools Theatre Association) when she gave workshops in Beijing, Hong Kong, Berlin and Spain; these workshops have different themes, among them a Master Class Japanese Theatre for HS students.

Ellis was also invited as a speaker to Auckland University of Technology to join the ADSA conference on 'Performing Belonging'; for the Siebold Huis (Japanese Museum), she spoke on the connection between Samurai and traditional Japanese theatre during their exhibition ‘Masked Warrior’, and Ellis will be a judge on the English Language Theatre competition between four major universities in Tokyo.


example of voice over work done by Ellis van Maarseveen in Japan: