Saturday 9th April - workshop in Tokyo!

Saturday 9th April 2016 - workshop from 10.30 - 12.30 - Y3000 

This workshop is for everyone and every level. We come together to do theatre games, to focus on one or two tasks depending on the group's preference, and to get to know each other!

Name of the location: Sasazuka Method - 〒151-0073 Tokyo, Shibuya, Sasazuka, 3−9−3, ケイオービルB1F, Tokyo, Tokyo

Hope to see you with us! (Japanese translator available)





a new play by Ellis van Maarseveen - Japanese translation by Junro Shibata

Ellis flies out to give workshops in Beijing and Taipei

Hello everyone, I've got a busy month of March ahead of me! I'll be flying out to Beijing and then to Taipei to give workshops to students from various International Schools.

That's the reason why NoQuatsch is pretty quiet during this month, sorry about that!

Also: my new play 'Kaikin' has now been translated into Japanese, and we're soon going to start production on that.

I've seen some plum-blossom, but I sure hope I'm not going to miss the Sakura this year because of being busy...





Tokyo, Sasazuka

These are 'open' workshops, when we come together to play, improvise and work on skills with short texts.

Please sign up soon!



19th February - from 19.30 - 21.30 - workshop in Tokyo.

Anyone can apply, as it is a workshop with games, a task, and fun, and it will enhance your theatre skills.

This workshop includes introduction and warm-up games where we get to know each other and get focused on the rest of the workshop. This offers a few options, for example devising a short scene, based on improvisation, we can look at how to tackle a brief written piece of text, have a go at some physical theatre or even clownery. As the main aim is to have fun with theatre - and to pick up some skills along the way - this is a workshop for everyone, with or without experience. At the end of the evening, you feel you've been challenged, you made new friends, you've laughed (oh yes!) and you might have discovered that theatre, or drama skills can be very useful offstage as well. 

There is a Japanese translator available!


Y3.000 per person

Join us and sign up soon, as only 12 places are available!



tokyo - here we come!

So we made it, we arrived in Tokyo, and we're ready to share our knowledge and experience with you. Together we can create good performances, have fun and learn from each other. I hope you will look at all the different workshop we offer, and then sign up, knowing that we offer quality workshops, with our years of experience in both performing, directing and teaching. Hope to hear from you soon!