イギリスとオランダで舞台監督、演劇・映画役者、演劇指導者としての豊富で多彩な経歴をもつ演劇トレーナー Ellis Van Maarseveen (以下エリス・ブァン・マーセビィン)が創設したNoQuatsch©. 彼女の国際演劇の研究はG. J. Borny Award 2014を受賞。

ワークショッブは英語と日本語の通訳を介して行われます。 通訳者はエリス・ブァン・マーセビィーンの指導も受けたサンディー 海星野。シアトルにあるコーニッシュ芸術大学在籍中の俳優です。


NoQuatsch© is set up by Ellis Van Maarseveen, a successful actress and acting coach with a prolific and extensive volume of work in performing for theatre, film and television, and directing theatre in the United Kingdom and the Netherlands. Ellis holds a Masters degree in applied Theatre Studies for which she received the G. J. Borny Award 2014 'For exceptional ability in the areas of scholarship, research and production, Faculty of Arts and Sciences and the School of Arts, University of New England, Armidale, NSW, AU.'

All workshops are in English, and will be translated by Kai Hoshino Sandy, a trained actor who has worked with, and was trained by Ellis Van Maarseveen herself and had training at Cornish College of the Arts in Seattle.